Frame Sifu recently received 2 beautiful paintings from Bali!

A long time ago before Balinese arts created for its aesthetic purposes, arts were meant to be an expression and obligation to the deities. It really is a big part of life in Bali, and the deep spiritual traditions of the island are strongly connected to art.

Bali is also known as the “island of the artists”. The artsy spirit that exists on this island as if it never goes out with the nature, religion and blood of artist families that come from generation to generation. Nowadays, newer schools of artists have experimented with more modern forms of art. Wide range of artistic approaches can now be seen in the art galleries across Bali, as well as in the hotels, cafes, and restaurants.

Bali travelers will be amazed by the art, you usually will buy at least a piece home. However, to make it logistically convenient to bring back home, the painting has to be hand carried without frame. Nonetheless, a nice painting without frame is like ”nasi goreng tanpa telur mata”. To complete the fine art, frame is vital to enhance its finess and to bring up its beauty.

After buying the beautiful painting, come to Frame Sifu, we will add life to it.