Frequently Asked Questions2019-04-28T11:33:29+08:00
1. There are many frame shops, why shall l choose you?2022-04-14T16:45:59+08:00

Please visit our Home Page to know why you should choose frame sifu.

2. Can l customize my frame?2020-11-18T22:33:54+08:00

Yes. All of our frames are made upon order received and are fresh from oven. We don’t build stock.

3. Can l customize my mirror?2020-11-18T22:37:52+08:00

Yes. Besides the standard size mirror we sell on-line, we can customize the mirror size that you wanted according to your expectation and budget.

4. Can l select the frame color or mat board color that l like?2020-11-18T22:40:09+08:00

Framing is very individualistic. One should only choose the combination that makes you feel soothing.

5.Do you frame small picture?2020-11-18T22:42:11+08:00

Yes. We frame any sizes, from very mall to very large, provided is within the wooded frame’s length.

6. Do you repair broken frame?2021-02-14T17:18:04+08:00

In general, making a new frame is cheaper and faster compare to repair. The time and labor cost for dismantling and repair can be costly.

7. Do you frame 3D objects?2021-02-14T17:19:11+08:00

Yes. We certainly are happy to explore the viability and practicability of the object.

8. What is the waiting time for custom make frame?2021-02-14T17:25:58+08:00

Our standard turnaround time is between 1-2 weeks. However, if you need it urgently or same day service, we can stop all existing work, just to work on your urgent case. This service has a nominal extra charge of 30-50% depending on the complexity

9. Do you sell prints or posters?2021-02-14T17:27:06+08:00


10. Do you do any printing?2021-02-14T17:25:27+08:00

No. But we can always recommend reliable source to you.

11. How do l know if my order is ready?2021-02-14T17:29:07+08:00

When you place order with us, we will issue a temporary bill with you detail recorded. Upon completion, we will notify you.

12. Do you provide warranty if the frame or mirror is damaged?2021-02-14T17:30:22+08:00

Frame and mirror are considered delicate item. Before leaving our premise, PLEASE check it carefully. For any defects caused by the manufacturer, we will re-do for you.

13. What is my payment option?2021-02-14T17:32:47+08:00

Cash / Credit Card / Touch & Go Pay / Instant Online-Transfer.

14. How do l protect my picture or canvas after framed2021-02-14T17:34:41+08:00

For general maintenance, duster is a good option for the wooden frame. For glass or mirror, old newspaper with plain water will do the magic. However, we don’t suggest to place any frame next to window; as ultra-violet can easily fade off colors.

15. Why there is a tape behind the frame?2021-02-14T17:35:49+08:00

We use water-tape do complete the finishing, providing a more aesthetic look. Moreover, it prevents any intrusion from insects or dust.

16. Is making a frame expensive?2021-02-14T17:39:38+08:00

The cost of framing varies depending on the size, method of framing, materials chosen etc. The framing materials that you choose can significantly influence the final cost of your project.

We handle a wide variety of material, from inexpensive wooden frames and regular matboards, to highly ornate gilded frames and conservation material or special textured textiles and silk.

Similarly, the type of glazing chosen is also a cost consideration. We keep in mind your requirements and objectives to match both your taste AND your budget. We offer free consultation and designs options for your art piece and assure you that we offer a competitive and cost effective framing solution that sets us apart from other framers.

17. Besides wooden material, do you sell plastic/fiber material?2021-02-14T17:37:59+08:00

We have varieties of material. Different material caters to different expectation and budget. Life, always has an option.

18. Do you provide installation service?2021-02-14T17:38:42+08:00

Yes. We have full set of tools to perform different type of installation.

19. Will you help me to install the frame?2019-03-25T18:07:47+08:00

Whether you want to install the frame at home, hotel, company or anywhere, we are also help you to install the frame.

20. How confident are you in framing my artwork?2019-03-26T10:54:19+08:00

We did a few 80 years old of artwork at China Embassy in 2018. Our frame master started learning the art of frame making since age 10 and he has been in the frame making industry with over 30 years.

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