calligraphy frame

Calligraphy Frame

Chinese calligraphy and painting is commonly known as Chinese Rice paper, 宣纸 (Xuān zhǐ). This is in fact not made mainly from rice, but from many other plant fibers other than rice. Because of its texture, the black ink and colour pigments work very well with the Chinese brush.

Special Art Frame

Frame with window mount Window mounts (“passé-par-tout”) enhance your artwork and create a ‘visual breathing space’ around the image. More importantly, a window mount prevents direct contact between the artwork and the glass – potentially a contributory factor to the damage of quality artwork.

Art Framing

Shadow Box & Casing

Casing framing allows you to display the 3D object like guitar, golf set, ornaments, medals, coins, jewellery and souvenirs in a 270 degree channel. This style of framing provides a “window effect” offering depth and interest. It can either be hung on a wall or stood upright.

Canvas Stretchers

Canvas Stretchers

A painting or print on canvas has its own structure and shape unlike works on paper. Mostly people will display canvas unframed because the art would be compromised. An important purpose of a canvas frame is to complete a look, not to interfere with the original intent of the artist.

mirror with frame

Mirror with Frame

We provide custom-made or ready made mirrors perfectly tailored to each and every customer’s needs. Our workmanship is delicate and exquisite, allowing any customer’s request to be fulfilled.



Frame Sifu also provide additional service like installation of framing. We offer a professional installation service with many years of experience in hanging all types of frames. Whether you want to install the frame at home, hotel, company or anywhere. Frame Sifu will always be your best choice.

sport Jersey

Sports Jerseys

The craftmanship for sport jersey is never simple, and surely very perplexing and labour intensive. It requires skillful and precise ironing plus the technique of hand-sewing using only thread in order for the jersey to stand the test of time.Rest assure, the team has many years of jersey framing experience, not framing just for both athletes and professional teams, but collectible t-shirt, or even your baby’s first cloth.

photo frame

Photo Frame

We have wide range of photo frame from 4R to 10R, A4 to A1, or any size you may like, Frame sifu can make it economically for you! Yes, you hear me right…. These are normally catered to invaluable artwork of no commercial or sentimental value such as large volume of gift certificates, posters, charts, company policies, simple mementos and so on!

Certificate Frame

Certificates & Diploma

Frame Sifu provides either custom frame builder, or pre-designed diploma frame options for the best selection and options for any collegiate or high school diploma.