Frame Sifu received a special art framing today – Framing elephant painting art from Thailand!

Is it true that elephants are artists? Can they really paint pictures? Are they the only animals on Earth, apart from human beings, that can create pictorial images?

You might think that they just dipped the paintbrush in the paint and made a painting similar to what a 5-year-old child could make. Wrong, this is a wrong concept. The elephants have the uncanny ability to paint. They will use the tools to draw on paper with their dexterous trunks but the distinction is whether the elephant is painting on a whim or has been trained to do so.

They aren’t engaging in any form of creativity, much less abstractly making free-form portraits of whatever tickles their pachydermic fancies at the moment. They do nothing more than outline and color specific drawings they’ve been painstakingly trained to replicate.

At the Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC), elephants are able to paint by their own free will, without human guidance. They’re simply trained to learn the technical skills of painting. After training, the elephants are encouraged to paint freely, making brushstrokes andodles that are unrecognizable by humans – but creating masterpieces of abstract art.

What is more surprising than watching an elephant use its trunk to paint a picture? This phenomenon is definitely one of the best experiences of people. Yes! The following artworks are all painted by elephants.

Thanks to our customer for giving his beloved elephant paintings to us to make a custom frame.