Wood is the conventional material used to outline photographs, painting and so forth, and has been so for a considerable length of time. Why we are choosing wood as the material for our frames? There are numerous points of interest to using wooden picture frame rather than polystyrene photo frame.

Wood is a natural and renewable resource compared to the frame that uses polystyrene which is not a renewable resource. We encourage our customers to use eco-friendly materials instead of non-eco-friendly materials to protect the environment.

Frame that utilizes wooden material is more solid, stronger, and stable. It does not break easily.

Polystyrene frame is actually plastic. Plastic does not make a pleasant safe strong durable frame and will most likely crack a little while later. When broken, plastic does not fix well and it does not make for good recycling.

Wooden frame comes in extensive variety and they come in different styles, colors, and finishes. It is nearly ensured that work of art will look extraordinary in a wood picture frame which can help our customers add an elegant touch to their home or office.

Therefore, we persist to utilize the wooden material with high quality for our frame in order to deliver the best products to our beloved customers.